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Diet drugs

Dietary drugs may have substantial and favorable weight loss outcomes in certain patients

Dec 30th, 2016
Healthy habits

Healthy habits and regular medical check ups count more than merely having health insurance

Nov 25th, 2016
Choosing the Right Medicare Doctor

So, you now have Medicare. You have coverage. How do you find the best doctor - someone you can count on to allow you the best health?

Aug 26th, 2016
An Internist’s Perspective On Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice typically arises when there are concerns that a reasonably prudent physician with similar training would have achieved a more favorable outcome than what actually occurred. In other words, the standard of care gets violated.

Aug 26th, 2016

Diabetes refers to altered glucose metabolism and elevated blood sugars. It is common, affecting between 7 and 15% of the population.

Aug 26th, 2016
Obesity: Drugs vs. Lifestyle

Making healthy lifestyle choices seems straightforward; consume healthy foods and exercise sufficiently. Yet, this clearly doesn’t happen, and when it does happen, it doesn’t last.

Aug 26th, 2016
Chest Pain

Among "red flag" symptoms which are pretty hard to ignore, chest pain ranks up there with the leaders.

Aug 26th, 2016
Better Healthcare

The term ‘healthcare’ has lost its meaning to most, who consider it the same thing as health insurance. But, make no mistake, health care is not health insurance.

Aug 26th, 2016
Joint Pain

The medical term for joint pain is arthralgia. This refers to pain and often inflammation in or around the joints.

Aug 26th, 2016

Hypertension or high blood pressure is both very damaging and also sneakily damaging to one's health.

Aug 26th, 2016
Choosing the Right Physician

With all the emphasis about getting covered and choosing health insurance, it’s always amazing to me how little people know about finding the right physician for themselves or their family.

Aug 24th, 2016
Why Does Healthcare Remain a Mystery?

You would think in this information age of ours, with instant results from the latest studies, where the United States spends 17% of its gross national product on health care, that we would have figured out health care by now, that people would get it.

Aug 24th, 2016
Medical Studies and the Media

Mainstream media figured out years ago that reporting on medical studies sells. Indeed, we are all sponges for that kind of stuff.

Aug 24th, 2016
Losing Weight

Everyone has advice on this one. Mine has always been simple; diet and exercise, but the emphasis on exercise.

Aug 24th, 2016
The Scope of Primary Care

In primary care, where there is a more comprehensive, holistic approach to one's health, it's difficult to epitomize the scope or benefit of an exam.

Aug 24th, 2016
Skin Cancer

Melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer has been rising every year in the United States for white men and women by roughly 2.5%.

Aug 24th, 2016
Sexual Medicine

This topic often receives short shrift in doctors' offices for various reasons, among which include privacy issues, embarrassments, and time constraints.

Aug 24th, 2016
Alzheimer's Disease and Mistaken Theories

Over 100 years ago, Alois Alzheimer, a German Neuropathologist, described microscopic brain findings in a patient of his who died after a progressive course of dementia.

Aug 24th, 2016
Chronic Pain

Although the concepts learned about chronic pain have added much to our medical insights, the label 'chronic pain' can potentially act as a bad stereotype. Chronic pain typically isn't about ongoing injuries, but rather a dysfunctional neurologic system.

Aug 24th, 2016
Treatment of Depression

A newer theory about how these anti-depressants work is based not on altering the brain chemicals, but, rather, on stimulating new brain cells to grow.

Aug 24th, 2016
Health Tips

Origins of some common Internal Medicine conditions - Putting Stress in Perspective

Aug 24th, 2016
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